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My struggle as an artist

Sometimes it seems like my struggle as an artist is simply avoiding the temptation to constantly create art out of nostalgia instead of out of new constructs.  Not that nostalgic art isn’t a perfectly legitimate art form;  simply that nostalgia is emotionally crippling for me.  (Not to mention the fact that I wonder if anyone really shares my nostalgias.)


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6 responses to “My struggle as an artist

  1. Wondering why nostalgia is emotionally crippling for you.

    • I’m not sure, but it’s a heavy sickening feeling for me. It tends to impede upon my ability to do those little things that allow me to focus as an artist or a person in general. I kind of get swept up into an overwhelming sadness that simply makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning. Nostalgia can give me a burst of creativity; but the kind of burst that leaves me useless for days afterwards. I wish I could explain it better. I think it has something to do with guilt.

  2. rich

    there are always people who share your nostalgia. how many depends on when you were born and what you focused on. but it shows a good sense of self-awareness that you’re concerned – even if your concern is not justified.

  3. Emotions are what artists live and produce on. Thrive on I’d say. I get this. I hate to think of you being so down though that getting out of bed is difficult. I wonder if you have just spent yourself in your art, and need to collapse after. I can relate. After a very productive and cathartic expression on either canvas or with paper I’m done in. I always thought the huge let down and fatigue has to do with a chronic illness I have. Now I wonder if I was 100% healthy if I’d still have these same responses. You have given me pause.

    I can see where these days of nothingness are very inconvenient, but I wonder if the art would be the same if we tried to change this?
    What do you think? If you could find a way to avoid the feelings but it compromised your art, would you?

    Feel better my friend. I hate to have anyone I know in a conundrum.

    • Well, the first thing that kind of helps me is knowing that that’s exactly what will happen to me. I can anticipate the coming emotional letdown. So I try and do things that are healthy, like go the beach or at least get some sun every day. I just wonder sometimes why I’m making art that leaves me feeling that way? Does my art in turn have the same emotional effect on my viewers?

      Also, who am I helping by simply presenting their own emotional nostalgia problems to themselves (if they even have the same ones I do)? Am I helping other people process those things for themselves? I don’t know.

  4. oh you should read the poet T.E. Hulme on this.

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