Blood On The Beach

Went to the Blood on The Beach conference down here in Virginia Beach.  Not only did I meet some awesome folks.  Not the least of which were Camille Keaton, Edward Herrmann, J LaRose, Jamison Newlander, Billy Wirth, Ruggero Deodato, Joe Turkel, and Sean Patrick Flanery.  

I handed out many treatments and a few full-length scripts we had written.  Also left a few in the bathroom ever once in awhile during the conference as well as left a couple under some strategic tables.  Life is good, life is crazy.


Making Movies


This link is to the amazon listing for the book called Making Movies by the renowned director Sydney Lumet.   Chock full of sensible (read; not my way or the highway) advice on how to make films.  Everything from the day in and day out methods of dealing with a film crew or dealing with actors.  Discussions of the amount of tenacity required to produce and bring a film project to it’s completion.  The day to day struggles surrounding making a film.  The always nearly absolutely riding the failure point nature of the art itself.  And the sheer audaciousness and abandonment it takes to become such an artist. 

One of the absolute best books on filmmaking.

Update about our documentary on Kickstarter

Hey guys.  Here is the kickstarter page I just started for our documentary project which I’ve posted several videos about already.  I know that most of you guys are on wordpress for the same reasons I am, to form a community around yourself where you can be encouraged and assisted by other likeminded (read: broke) artists.  Believe me, I understand, I started a damn kickstarter because I am broke.  But if you want to take a look at my kickstarter page just so it will have some “hits” or perhaps even repost it to your blog, I’d love you each forever for it. :)



This weekend…

This weekend is the horror film festival called Blood on The Beach.  It’s down here at Virginia Beach and it’s usually packed full of horror buffs as well as attended by a few name B-movie actors.  Me and my friends are trying to finish up one of our latest horror schlock script ideas by this weekend so that we can have copies to pass around in hopes of getting someone attached to our project.  Wish us luck.

It still needs some editing work, but I’d like to know what you all think.  Also, please note that the compression I had to use makes the film look rather jerky and low quality:  it’s actually a film in very smooth 1080p.

Cinematiic Success

‎”Cinematic success is not necessarily the result of good brain work, but of a harmony of existing elements in ourselves that we may not have ever been conscious of; an accidental coincidence of our own preoccupations at a certain moment of life and of the public’s.” ~Francois Truffaut

My struggle as an artist

Sometimes it seems like my struggle as an artist is simply avoiding the temptation to constantly create art out of nostalgia instead of out of new constructs.  Not that nostalgic art isn’t a perfectly legitimate art form;  simply that nostalgia is emotionally crippling for me.  (Not to mention the fact that I wonder if anyone really shares my nostalgias.)